Helenbergh Won "2020 Real Estate Enterprise with the Greatest Potential in China"

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On August 26, 2020(3rd) Leju Financial Forum themed "Surge" was held in Shanghai. At the forum site, Helenbergh China Holdings Limited(hereinafter referred to as "Helenbergh") won "2020 Real Estate Enterprise with the Greatest Potential in China".

The award was appraised by Leju Financial Research Institute by making modeling analysis on data such as land reserve, growth in sales area, number of premises in cities of different tiers in the first half of 2020 of real estate enterprises, which reflected the annual development potential of real estate enterprises.

It's reported that the forum was guided by China Real Estate Association and sponsored by Leju Financial. In combination with hot topics such as "new opportunities in real estate industry in the post-pandemic era" and "real estate economic development under new infrastructure in China", 200 industrial elites gathered together to discuss about enterprise strategy and distribution for the sound development of the industry.

Diversified and abundant land reserve, steady growth in national presence

As an expanding real estate developer in China, Helenbergh expanded its business across the country. Mainly engaged in residential property, commercial property, creative scientific park, Helenbergh actively promotes emerging business of urban renewal with commercial industry investment.

As of March 31, 2020, the total construction area of land reserve of Helenbergh was around 28.61 million square meters, covering 41 cities in 13 provinces and municipalities directly under central government in five core areas of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, West China, Central China and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. Helenbergh developed 158 quality projects in different development stages.

Map of national distribution of Helenbergh

The land reserve of Helenbergh is located in tier 1 and tier 2 cities and cities with sustainable growth potential in China. The advantages of high-quality and cost-competitive land reserve will drive the steady growth in future performance of Helenbergh. In the past 22 years of development, diversified and superior land distributions provide huge growth space for Helenbergh while the diversified product portfolio will further increase width and stability of income source for the company.

Recognition from international organization and prospect of "stability"

It's noteworthy that Helenbergh achieved excellent comprehensive financial performance in 2020 and won recognition from many rating agencies in addition to the continuously optimized land reserve distribution. In July 2020, it won "B+" and "B2" rating from Fitch and Moody successively and was expected to be "stable".

According to Fitch, the continuously improving land acquisition strategies, cash flow and cash recovery rate of contract sales income of Helenbergh constitute advantages of Helenbergh to achieve sustainable development. Fitch held that Helenbergh implemented national distribution and regional cultivation strategy and mainly acquired lands through acquisition, public auction and reconstruction of old cities. Meanwhile, the company boasts land reserve cost advantages with strong competitiveness, which enables average EBITDA profit rate of Helenbergh to steadily grow.

Moody showed in the report that with strong support from a large amount of salable resources, the sales volume of Helenbergh will retain steady growth in 2020. It specially mentioned that Helenbergh, compared with other companies rated as "B2" is able to better control land acquisition cost. This advantage enables Helenbergh to maintain steady and reasonable profit rate when the land cost continues to rise.

Product iteration, enhancement of healthy residence experience

During fast development, Helenbergh pays close attention to changes in consumption needs and integrates "health+" philosophy into products to promote quality growth.

In 2016, Helenbergh first launched "health+"philosophy to show its emphasis on customers' health which includes physical, mental health, social welfare and balance within community.

To further enhance produce quality and service, adapt to ever-changing preference of modern customers, in 2018, Helenbergh launched "health+2.0" from three dimensions of product thinking, space design, life building and created 10 healthy life experience standards of ecological planning, healthy park, classical building, livable house type, whole house design, smart enjoyment, sharing supporting facilities, honored home return, demonstration experience, whole-cycle services.

"Health 2.0" 10 healthy life experience standards

Helenbergh believes that high-quality living quarter will grow with residents. In combination with evolution in social family structure in recent years, "health+ 2.0" products develop 3+N growth-type and livable house types, 13 all-age healthy park modules, 7 themed functional pan-clubs and emphasize the space flexibility, scenario-based application and experience. Health+ community shows emphasis on "healthy experience" and cares for "all life" in warm home, happy park ecosystem and sheltered gray space.

In the future, Helenbergh will uphold the brand philosophy of "Flourish with you", create excellent living environment for customers and define healthy and beautiful residential life with originality.